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Vravrona wetland extends from the borders of the archaeological site to the coastal zone, following the mouth of River Erasinos. At this area, Erasinos retains fresh water flow all year round. Several fish species live in these waters, from the rare and endangered Marathon Minnow to the common Mosquito Fish. Other common species include the Striped Terrapin, Marsh Frog, Grass Snake and Eel.

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The reedbeds that cover the banks of Erasinos are nesting sites of the Moorhen and the Water Rail, while Little Bitterns and other herons can be seen during migration. In the wet meadows, Glossy Ibis is a frequent sighting and passerines like the Nightingale sing from the dense shrubs and bushes that cover a large part of the wetland.

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Cultivated areas are very important for birds during spring and autumn migration, and the tree stands along the banks of Erasinos River are important resting sites for migrants like the Turtle Dove, Golden Oriole and Cuckoo. In the surrounding hills, birds of prey like the Long-legged Buzzard and the Short-toed Eagle are very often seen, searching for prey. Finally, in the coastal area several species of Gulls, Terns, Herons, as well as the Kingfisher, can be seen fishing.

The beneficial influence of Erasinos

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Erasinos River is the source of the rich biodiversity of the area. Thanks to its presence, there is freshwater supply through all the hot summer months, while the lush vegetation on its banks provides nesting places to several species. The brackish waters in its estuary hold large numbers of fish, which in turn attract herons, gulls and Kingfishers.

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