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The Vravrona wetland is situated on the coast of Eastern Attica, in the Municipality of Markopoulo. This remarkable landscape, famous already from the antiquity, has managed to remain almost intact. The presence of Erasinos River, the shallow bay on its estuary, the surrounding hills and the contiguous cultivated land have created a rich ecosystem, unique in Attica.

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The presence of Man in Vravrona dates from the Neolithic period. The area became well known from 700 BC, when the Temple of Artemis was built. Every five years a procession, starting from Acropolis and ending to Vravrona, signaled the opening of the religious feast of the Great Vravronia. The temple was completely covered with mud and abandoned in 300 BC, after a great storm.

Agricultural cultivation (click to zoom in)
Land use has remained more or less the same from the antiquity, with viniculture being the most prominent cultivation. There are also pistachio trees, olive trees and fig trees and various garden truck.

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